Why have an advisor?

It’s hard to run a business, big or small. You need to plan and do all at the same time, it can be hard to stick with a long term plan, or to know when to change tack.

Our clients find that having access to a third party who isn’t involved in the day to day, and has the benefit of seeing a range of business challenges from different types of organisation, can sometimes be the difference between making a successful choice or a decision that could harm their success.

How do we help?

We work with a handful of businesses using our skills and experience to offer ongoing support and advice for small agencies, corporate organisations and funded start ups.

When our clients need an extra brain, a technique for thinking about a problem, some personal support with the stresses of running their business or help with a customer challenge or opportunity, we’re there.

How does it work?

Our ongoing work with clients normally falls into a pattern of a half day Board Meeting to review the most crucial aspects of current plans, and then ad-hoc support throughout the month. For many young teams, this might be the first time they have been held accountable to a Board and our experience so far is that this helps to accelerate change and growth.

“Jess has the ability to guide us through unfamiliar and often stressful situations with ease, a level-headed approach and total professionalism.”

Josh Bolland, CEO of J B Cole

If you are interested in finding out more, please email jessica.rowley@subsector.net

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