Everything has become strange in the last few weeks and, for most organisations, business-as-usual is not an option. As teams adjust to working remotely, the need to collectively make rapid decisions and to prioritise with confidence has never been more acute.

As an organisation whose purpose is to help people make better decisions, we sincerely hope we’ll be able to give people some of that confidence. We’re blessed with a flexible set of tools which we can use to help teams agree what to focus on. It also helps that we’re accustomed to facilitating remotely and can guide clients through this process.

To respond to this unusual set of circumstances, we’ve put a couple of key tools from the N2D Method® together that can be used remotely for rapid results. This “N2D Rapid” approach consists of two short remote sessions. Participants will be guided through exercises exploring objectives and customer needs, culminating in a prioritised set of actions at the end of the second session. This concise activity is designed to create shared priorities which allow teams clarity and autonomy as they work from various locations. It will help you to solve challenges big and small and can be run with teams in different territories.

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