Guess what we’ve been up to recently…

Conference design! Bet you didn’t see that coming. We designed an epic event overseas for 400 leaders in one of the world’s largest insurance companies (Chubb). Then we designed another for one of the best-loved charities in the UK (British Heart Foundation), inspiring 150 senior retail staff.

There were some common themes:

  • innovation
  • overcoming the fear of failure
  • customer-centricity
  • agility
  • new-fangled digital whatnots…

For both projects our role was to root out the true purpose of each event, then to design a set of practical sessions to bring that to life. No cheese, no branded pens, hardly any PowerPants.

In terms of running the events, the approaches were very different. For the insurance company we tapped in to our awesome network, flying a team of 12 experts across Europe to work with us. For the charity, we trained some of their internal staff as workshop facilitators, which means those trained can go on to help more people in their organisation with the techniques.

In both instances, a key outcome was that participants had something concrete and practical that they could take back to the day-job after the event and do immediately. Something they could use with their colleagues and make a genuine difference, or to create new ideas for their organisations to test.

If you have a team of people who, in an increasingly complex world, you need to motivate and educate with new ways of thinking and working, give us a shout.