What do we do?

“Consulting” is a loaded word with lots of baggage. It has negative associations for many people. The besuited toff, wielding a 300 slide powerpoint presentation that tells you what you already know, is a business archetype.

We’re not that. A client made us smile when they called us “the Anti-McKinsey”.

Having said that, we struggle to find an alternative word to describe what we do. We direct our experience and methods at your problems, providing clarity, moving you forward. “Helpful-Clever-People-That-Make-Things-Happen” is a bit of a mouthful. So, reluctantly, we’re consultants.

“Phil in a single tweet… Experienced digital expert business-focused professional passionate visionary charismatic inspirational grounded innovative thought-partner. I would highly recommend him.”

Victor Arciniega, Head of Customer Innovation, McDonald’s

How do we help?

We can’t possibly explain every way we’re able to help but we can list some of the common subject areas: digital, business transformation, agility, growth, capability assessment, innovation, customer experience, roadmaps… Many of our clients particularly value our most well-known tool, or “decision model”: The N2D Method®

You can see some of the organisations we’ve helped on our clients page.

Our principles

Finally, we’re not for everyone. We have some principles, including:

  • evidence beats opinion
  • simplify complexity – be concise
  • people first, technology last
  • the needs of the people you serve are as important as your objectives
  • no will-o’-the-wisps – only clear, actionable advice with rationale

If you are interested in finding out more, please email phil.dearson@subsector.net

Digital Strategy Consulting without all the noise