I am delighted to join an illustrious group of my peers in becoming a founding member of the Marketing Technology Association. The MTA has been formed to invite brands, agencies and individuals working in the fields of marketing and technology to debate and collaborate to solve the key challenges of a digital world where technology and marketing collide.

The MTA’s mission is to help people understand how the convergence of marketing and technology can better build their brands:

  • To find out more information or become a member yourself, please visit the MTA website
  • The MTA offers a free monthly ‘hackathon’ to brands. The MTA will curate a
    diverse group of members to collaboratively ‘hack’ problems that brands face in order to bring fresh insights and ideas
  • The MTA is a not-for-profit organisation which aims to collaboratively identify, discuss and debate the key issues of the digital world
  • The MTA has been established by a leading group of creatives, technologists,
    communicators and designers