The Magical Machine Podcast – Incident 005

Nick Bennett’s visionary time capsule (or timeless capsule, if you will) from April 2016.

Simply impossible to edit this interview down to 30 mins so it’s a long one. Need a whole new episode for parenting wisdom and toilet door adventures (don’t ask) cut from this recording.

Nick Bennet is a bipedal land-mammal with opposable thumbs and the power of reason. A mischievous creative with Geordie roots.

We talk about: re-thinking social norms; where potatoes come from; pacifist altercations; pub time; the baggage around creativity; the death of the graphical user interface, evolutionary barriers and the emergence of collective consciousness.

There are delightful segues, fair interjections and the occasional monologue.

If you’re not familiar with the point of all this (and why on earth would you be), I’m interested in the answers people give to two questions:

  • How would you describe yourself to somebody that doesn’t know you
  • What excites you most about the next seven years

There are a few interviews I need to edit when I get the chance. If you’re interested in being interviewed, or know somebody that you think might be interesting, please get in touch.

The feed is available in iTunes and the Soundcloud page will carry all incidents as they’re published here.

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