The N2D Method Answers Three Important Questions

What are the most important needs of the most important people?

Where are our biggest opportunities?

Which specific things should we prioritise?

Clear Priorities For Your Organisation

The N2D Method:

  • clarifies what your organisation should focus on
  • surfaces areas for innovation
  • generates alignment between teams
  • clearly signposts areas for further research or validation
  • enables decision-making with more impact
  • is effective for a range of use cases

A Unique Process

Most organisations are struggling to keep up in a rapidly changing world. CEO’s, Founders and Leadership Teams need to make rapid investment decisions about transformation, innovation, communication and technology in response to increasingly complex customer needs.

Subsector helps you focus on critical initiatives for growth and change, prioritising those things that will have greatest impact for your organisation and the people you serve.

The N2D Method® is a Decision Model or Judgement Protocol. It provides evidence of customer needs, the degree to which your organisation is meeting these needs and an evaluated set of initiatives that will deliver the greatest impact.

N2D stands for Needs To Decision. The N2D Method focuses on:

  • the needs of the people you care about most (e.g. customers, prospects, citizens, staff, etc)
  • how serving those needs helps your organisation to achieve its objectives
  • clearly revealing which business initiatives should be prioritised
  • flexible application across a range of use cases

At the heart of the The N2D Method is the NeedRank™ algorithm that has been in continuous refinement for over 20 years. It interprets the data we give it, in order to deliver a clear set of priorities.

The N2D Method benefits from a modular approach allowing it to adapt to a variety of needs. Typically either the Mini, Lite or Classic approach is most relevant.


Results in a day
£5,000plus VAT
  • Reveal a clear set of priorities in just one day


Test your assumptions
£15,000plus VAT
  • Delivers an evidence-based set of priorities in just two weeks


Evidence not opinion
£38,000plus VAT
  • Provides an evaluated set of initiatives that will deliver the greatest impact