The N2D Method Answers Three Important Questions

What are the most important needs of the most important people?

Where are our biggest opportunities?

Which specific things should we prioritise?

Licensing the Method

Consulting with clients has to be high value and high impact. You are expected to understand incredibly complex business dynamics in a very short space of time, so you can show value and apply your own specialist skills to a problem.

You and your team can licence the N2D Method® to quickly focus and prioritise with your client. It is a proven, structured approach. You can take the pain out of on-boarding and discovery and expertly bring stakeholder groups to consensus. Focus on what you are best at, while collecting valuable data along the way.

A Unique Process

Most organisations are struggling to keep up in a rapidly changing world. CEO’s, Founders and Leadership Teams need to make rapid investment decisions about transformation, innovation, communication and technology (and more!) in response to increasingly complex environment.

The N2D Method is a Decision Model or Judgement Protocol. It provides evidence of customer needs, the degree to which an organisation is meeting these needs and an evaluated set of initiatives that will deliver the greatest impact.

N2D stands for Needs To Decisions and the Method focuses on:

  • the needs of the people an organisation cares about most (e.g. customers, prospects, citizens, staff, etc)
  • how serving those needs helps the organisation to achieve its objectives
  • clearly revealing which business initiatives should be prioritised

At the heart of the Method is the NeedRank™ algorithm that has been in continuous refinement for over 20 years. It interprets the data you give it, in order to deliver a clear set of priorities. All licensees have access to an online application that uses NeedRank to analyse and visualise the information they give it.

Use Cases

The Method is extremely versatile as a technique for prioritisation, from the micro to the macro. Whether you wish to prioritise features on a website, or the future direction of an organisation, the Method has proven to be effective.

It is particularly well-suited to complex situations, especially where there are many stakeholders with divergent opinions. The list below contains a few example cases where the Method is effective.

  • You need a diverse set of people to agree on a plan
  • You want to identify where innovation would be most valuable
  • You need to understand what skills and capabilities your client needs
  • You need to create a coaching programme for an individual or team and want to know which skills to focus on
  • Your client’s market is changing rapidly. You want to know where to focus to beat the competition
  • Your “Discovery” or “Onboarding” process is inconsistent
  • You want a method for setting a shared brief with a client
  • You have a new client and want to discover where your efforts will have most impact (or develop a roadmap)
  • Your client has a tech platform and doesn’t know which features to prioritise
  • Your client has a range of internal initiatives planned but they’re uncertain which to prioritise
  • Your client has a budget but is unclear where investment will deliver the biggest impact
  • Your client wants to bring a new product/service to market but has so many ideas on their roadmap they don’t know which to prioritise
  • Your client is working in an oversaturated market and need to decide which products to invest in for longer term survival

A broader set of use cases may be seen here.

Licence Pricing Models

There are two main licence options: Pay-As-You-Go or Flat Fee.


Best for: Independent consultants or smaller organisations

Usage: Unlimited

Setup: No up-front costs. Includes a 1-day training session and access to the software platform

Support: Online self-service via Knowledge Base. Additional support options available on a per-instance basis

Pricing: Please contact us or download the licensing pack


Best for: Established organisations

Usage: Unlimited

Setup: No up-front costs. Includes a 1-day training session and access to the software platform

Support: There is an allowance for free support time included. Also, self-service via Knowledge Base. Additional support options are available on a per-instance basis

Pricing: Please contact us or download the licensing pack


A one-day training session is included regardless of which model you opt for. The training session is suitable for a maximum of 10 trainees. Additional training may be provided as an optional extra.

The training includes:

  • Background to the Method and an overview of benefits
  • How to use the software tools
  • Ways to run a client workshop using the tools
  • Creation of your organisation’s admin account
  • Instructions for adding you team
  • Access to the Method Knowledge Base
  • Some hands-on practice and Q&A

You will leave the session with everything you need to be able to start using the Method with your clients.

Referral Scheme

Subsector operate a referral scheme. For each organisation formally admitted to the Licensee Programme, Subsector will pay the referee 10% of the first 12 months’ revenue generated by the Licensee.

What Next?

Please review the licensing pack for more information or contact us if you’d like to arrange a demo.