Learn How To Use The N2D Method

As a Consultant, you’re always finding ways to learn. You want to have the latest methods at your disposal to help solve whatever problem a client throws your way – credibly and efficiently.

We run regular free, half-day sessions for a small group of attendees, where they can learn how to use the N2D Method® to identify the initiatives critical to an organisation’s success.

The sessions give people hands-on experience with the tools and a chance to discuss best practice. So far the events have been attended by an eclectic mix of consultants, agency leaders, strategists and coaches.

The calendar widget will let you see if there’s a session to suit you, or you can see a list of all our sessions on Eventbrite.

What is the N2D Method For?

The N2D Method evidences customer needs, the degree to which your organisation is meeting these needs and a prioritised set of initiatives that will deliver the greatest impact.

The Method:

  • clarifies what your organisation should focus on
  • surfaces areas for innovation
  • generates alignment between teams
  • clearly signposts areas for further research or validation
  • enables decision-making with more impact
  • is effective for a range of use cases

You and your team can licence the N2D Method to quickly focus and prioritise with your client. It is a proven, structured approach. You can take the pain out of on-boarding and discovery and confidently bring stakeholder groups to consensus. Focus on what you are best at, while collecting valuable data along the way.

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