We’re happy to welcome Denis Oakley & Co in Malaysia as the latest N2D Method licensee.

Denis Oakley & Co work with the leaders of companies who see major threats (or opportunities) affecting their markets.

  • They help you visualise the threat to get the leadership team (or company aligned)
  • Working with your ideas they develop new business models,
  • Which are validated with quick cheap tests, allowing you to
  • Take action to change your strategy and culture, and
  • Make the threat an opportunity

Denis, Head of Business Model Innovation, says of the Method: “How do you change the world? Many entrepreneurs and business leaders want to do just that with their new ventures. Often decision making is made based on emotion, incomplete consideration of the variables, or with one or more cognitive biases. Often these are not visible and the whole teams believe that they are making decisions well. By applying N2D to the process of business model design we’re hoping to make much of the new venture creation process much more rigorous. It integrates beautifully with our focus on Jobs to Be Done and our Lean Innovation methodology that obsesses on continually testing and validating our hypotheses.”