Subsector is proud to support a new anti-racism initiative created by Partner, Jessica Gregson. ‘Open to everyone. Closed to racism’ is designed to help businesses to take a stand against racism. 

The initiative was set up by Jess in the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests in summer 2020. Based in a small coastal town, she wanted to create something visual, thought-provoking and simple that business owners could share in their high street storefronts. The idea was that together, the small actions would be amplified into something more noticeable that would inspire attention and discussion. 

Subsector clients Creature & Co and Tommy have given time and resource to support the initiative.

You can find more details here:

In the press release, Jess said: “Open to everyone. Closed to racism offers a way for people who haven’t necessarily, directly suffered from racism, but want to take a stand, to show solidarity and help to create change. We will give businesses the tools and the confidence to make the first steps that lead to lasting change. As the initiative grows, we hope to build a large community and for the OECR branding to become an important and widely-recognised symbol”