My name is Phil Dearson. I have been speaking since I was about 2 years old. My first word was “hullygully” which, I appreciate, is not actually a word. This may explain why it took another 35 years, drama school training and an extensive career in the digital industry before anyone invited me to speak professionally.

Since then I’ve been making up for lost time by speaking many quality words. Mainly about the impact of emerging technologies on society and business.

I’ve been a keynote speaker at many events, including: Google’s Squared programme, the Festival of Marketing, the Chartered Institute of Professional Development (CIPD), the Institute of Fundraising, Speakers Corner for Creativepool, the Tech Off (Fight Club for geeks), the Nationwide Building Society Fresh Thinking Conference, The Marketing Store Worldwide’s 25th anniversary event. I’ve appeared on panels for the likes of The Guardian, The Drum and Contagious Magazine. I’ve been an expert speaker for the Academy of Digital Business Leaders, the Lead Digital online learning programme and have been a guest speaker for Hyper Island. I also compèred Prime Conference at the Royal Institution in London and host The Magical Machine, an irregular podcast about the future.

My career started in market research. When the web was created, I migrated into the agency world where I held a variety of roles, making and marketing: Head of Digital, Head of Strategy, Head of Innovation, Planning Director and Technical Director. I eventually founded Subsector, a consultancy focused on prioritisation in a complex world. Subsector are the originators of the N2D Method®, an algorithmic decision model.

I’ve been lucky enough to work across a range of sectors in the last 25 years, including Government, the Arts, Alcohol, Financial Services, Third Sector, FMCG, Retail, Fashion, Telecoms, Automotive, Health & Fitness and Entertainment.

My experience with complex organisations is extensive. I helped Disney deliver their first ecommerce platform in the UK. I helped the mobile operator 3 to launch in the UK. I helped to architect and implement a future-facing ecosystem for Volkswagen UK. I held a seat on the McDonald’s UK Digital Working Group where, with the board, I worked on organisation-wide digital programmes.

More recently I’ve been helping global enterprises transform their organisations for the future. The focus is on improving the customer experience for the ultimate benefit of the organisation. By consulting on the interplay of customer needs, multiple touchpoints and operational issues, I help organisations to transform by innovating around their core offer.

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