Phil & Jess delivered a snappy keynote back in May this year. It’s a 15 minute cruise through the principles behind the N2D Method®. In this time, you can learn the 6 key foundations of the method and even if that doesn’t convince you to start working with N2D, everyone should be able to take something away from the talk and apply it to their own work.

There are even some jokes thrown in to keep it interesting, but if you don’t like The Smiths they might not make sense, as we found out. This is not a sales pitch by the way, so it’s light on detail on the Method itself, but you can find plenty on that here.

If you like this, you might also like this article which outlines the first three of the principles in some more detail. Part Two to come.

If you think the Method might be able to help you with some of the problems we outline at the beginning of the talk, you might like to see some other problems it can be used to solve or get in touch.