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Is your organisation worried about getting left behind? Subsector designs practical, simple growth and transformation plans for you to act on. Our clients are confident and clear about their future.

Jessica Rowley


I’ve spent nearly 20 years helping clients get what they want from agencies. Normally that’s quality thinking, interesting ideas, solid delivery, close transparent working processes and some fun along the way.

Much of my history has been working closely with businesses who want to communicate clearly with customers in retail environments, through events, in social media and digital channels and with advertising.

I have spent most of that time as a senior agency lead in client services and business development – solving problems for people to help client and agency businesses grow. My most recent roles have been Director of a company sold to a major advertising agency and Managing Director of a tech company.

Over the last couple of decades, my clients have been from very different backgrounds including fashion, gaming, public sector, drinks, electronics, entertainment and FMCG, the similarity is they all need to get a solid understanding of their customer to get their message right. Many of these clients have been pretty epic global brands such as Disney, Microsoft, Levi’s, Discovery Networks, Stella Artois, PlayStation, AOL and Mondelez. This gives me a good understanding of the challenges of creating change in large organisations.

In the last four years, I’ve been running Techdept, a tech company who create growth by helping organisations make tech decisions that have the most impact. Techdept consult and code, specialising in brand management, process automation, and data & insight. They also have a neat sideline in award winning creative tech.

When I’m not creating practical transformation plans for clients with Phil, I sit on the Diversity Council for the British Interactive Media Association. I’m a member of Innovation Social, an affiliation of innovation leaders from agency, brand and startup worlds who believe that innovation will disrupt UK business for the better. I also run a boat design business where I help people start life afloat.

Phil Dearson


I’ve been at the forefront of the digital industry since the early days of the web. I ensure that the most appropriate technologies are employed in order to meet the objectives of organisations and the people they care about most. Given the extreme pace of change, my approach is to focus on people first, technology last.

Prior to founding Subsector, I was Head of Strategy & User Experience at Tribal Worldwide. Before that I was Head of Digital at The Marketing Store Worldwide. I’ve also held Director positions at 23red, Blonde Digital, DC Interact/Altogether (now WCRS) and Exposure.

I have broad sector experience including Government, the Arts, Alcohol, Financial Services, Third Sector, FMCG, Retail, Fashion, Telecoms, Automotive, Health & Fitness and Entertainment.

I regularly speak at industry events and have written numerous articles for The Guardian, Contagious Magazine, The Drum and Marketing Magazine etc.

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